Artist’s Way: Week Ten

11 Aug


You already know what I’m going to say  about Morning Pages right? 😉 I did them everyday. Lately, I’ve been using them as my draft to-do list for the day.  It’s weird to think that in two weeks, I won’t have weekly readings. I think I’ll still do morning pages though. Week 10 was about getting rid of habits, people and things that inhibit the flow of creative energy. Good stuff! For my artist date I went to my favorite craft store. I was getting supplies for my vision board. I didn’t need much because I already had a ton of magazines and glue, but I did need a cork board and tacks and I was open to getting any other random things that would be nice to have on my vision board. I spent at least an hour in there and I got some really cool ideas for future projects. Oh and I did finish my vision board! It’s awesome.  It’s hanging on the wall in my office right near my desk and it really is inspiring to have it right there as I’m working.

On to Week 11!

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