The Artist’s Way: Week Eleven

17 Aug


This journey is almost over! Woah. I did Morning Pages everyday. That is an extra special thing because my sister was visiting us for a few days and so, I made a point to get up a little earlier than everyone else and take the time to write. That’s dedication! For my artist date, I went to several of my favorite thrift stores in search of a small bench for my artist altar. One of the tasks for Week 11 was to build an artist altar, which is basically a bench, window sill or whatever that is filled with beautiful things that inspire creativity. I actually didn’t find a bench during that search, but I had a lot fun and saw some really cool stuff. A couple days later, when my sister came, we went to Soho so I could take her to my favorite cheap/fun jewelry store (So Good).  While we were over that way, I happened to see Pearl River Mart and decided to stop by there. While there, I found my altar, some gorgeous paper, wall hangings and a couple other things  for my home office. Sweet!  As of right now, my altar contains my gong, an incense holder and these lovely hand-blown bowls I received as a gift. I use that space for meditation and yoga. Week 11 went very well. On to Week 12!!

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Posted by on August 17, 2009 in Reading, Religion/Spirituality


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