Good Reads Around The Web

18 Sep


I read Playboy for the articles. Really! They consistently have great interviews and the October issue is no exception. The Woody Harrelson interview is funny, engaging and thought provoking. Harrelson talks about everything from his (deceased) convicted murderer father to religion to marijuana.

I linked to Jozen’s blog before, but I had to do it again. I LOVE this entry. Definitely my favorite post on his blog. It’s called “Why I Look at Her.” Just go read it.
~Until I Get Married~

Some super fab writer 😉 wrote this piece about how the modern young woman can keep her cool in this crazy world. GREAT read!

This is a really cool project The New York Times is doing. It’s a series of pictures and audio focusing on different individual New Yorkers. It’s not famous or infamous people, just a peak inside the lives of some of the 8 million+ people who call this city home. It’s a wonderful series that is full of little surprises.
~New York Times~


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