Magical Days

24 Sep

piccadillyMy fab notebook from Piccadilly. On a side note, I’m so proud that I’ve managed to keep my desk clear. 🙂

Have you ever had a day when everything just seemed to go your way? I had just such a day last week! It started out with a particularly lovely meditation session. I even used my gong, which I don’t always do. Besides grabbing my fav candies from a nearby store later in the day, getting in lots of work on my novel in a neighboring park and getting an “assignment” to interview one of my favorite comedians, I also won TWO contests on Twitter that morning! Awesome, right? I never win stuff, so I was particularly excited. I got the journal pictured above from Piccadilly Inc for being their 300th follower. I also won a sci-fi book from a publishing house. I haven’t received the book  just yet, so I’ll hold out on naming the company. ;)*

Anywho, the point of this post is not just to brag about my fab day** (though it is great to share good stuff), it’s to serve as a reminder about how the “little things” can make such a big difference. The fact that I had to have a particularly nice meditation session and won a couple incredibly random (but both writing related) things on Twitter put me in a great mood! I was able to take advantage of an unexpected opportunity and have my best day (in terms of word count) that I’ve ever had with novel writing.

Sometimes those “little” bad things like an alarm clock that didn’t go off or a missed train can have a negative impact on our day. We see everything as a bad omen and become grumpy and irritable, resigned to a gloomy fate. I think next time I have one of those kind of days, I will make a conscious effort to do something extra for myself. Maybe an extra box of Grapeheads or taking the scenic route home instead of the fastest way will be just what I need to kick off another magical day.

Oh also, on my magical day while I was at the park,  I was given a postcard  about Harlem Yoga Studio, a new business in the hood. The first class is free. Might have to check it out sometime!

*UPDATE I got my book in the mail! Bantam Spectra (a division of Random House) sent me a copy of M. John Harrison’s book called “Nova Swing.” I won because  on Twitter, I RT’d an announcement that made about the contest.  Sweet! I don’t read much sci-fi (outside of Octavia Butler), so I’m looking forward to reading this. I’ll tell you how it goes!

**I do a little name-dropping in this post, so I just wanted to re-iterate that there are no ads on my blog. I write about stuff because I like it or it just popped in my head.

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