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23 Oct


Has your definition of romance changed over the years? Can you still be wooed with a pink banana seat bike? Hmmm, I think if the bike had sparkly streamers on the handles, I just might be swayed even today. Join the conversation…
~Get ‘Em Girls~

This is an interesting piece in the The New York Times Magazine about Lee Daniels, the director of “Precious.” I had the pleasure of screening this movie last week and it is EXCELLENT. When it hits theaters on November 6, you should definitely go check it out. (SHAMELESS PLUG: You can read my review in the Oct 22-Oct 28 edition of the New York Amsterdam News.) Anywho, this NYT Magazine article is very detailed and provides an interesting peek into Daniels’ personality. The one thing that irked me about this piece is that they keep saying that Daniels had dreads. He had a big wild fro that he cut off recently, but I’ve never seen the dude in locs. Eh. Good piece anyway.
~The New York Times Magazine~

Here’s an interesting theory about the type of black music featured on NPR.  Basically the author says that NPR only chooses black artists who fit into DORF (dead, old, retro or foreign). Hmmm…
~Slate~ via ~Tayari’s Blog~

Morehouse College’s new dress code has caused quite a stir.  The all-male HBCU has now banned sagging pants and grills. Hats and do-rags (and any other non-religious headgear) is banned indoors and there is also a ban on wearing women’s clothing. Ummmm. Many of the rules are actually not so ridiculous (I loathe sagging pants) and it is a private institution, but a lot of people (including myself) think it’s ridiculous to have the rules at all and many people also take issue with the ban on feminine attire.  Why can’t a man who chooses to carry a purse be a Morehouse man? The author of this article has some thoughts on the matter.
~The Root~

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