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30 Oct


Are you up on Michaela Angela Davis? You’re really missing out if you’re not. Anywho, she has a piece on about our fabulous first Lady Michelle Obama and what Mrs. Obama’s presence means for the image of black women. “Post-ho era” for that ass! (pun intended) Definitely a good read.

This shit right here is pure comedy. My esteemd (ahem) former mayor Kwame Kilpatrick took the stand recently to discuss his finances and the progress of him paying the $1 million in restitution that he owes the city of Detroit for his embarrassing antics.  Well, Nino Brown…ummm, I mean Kilpatrick took the stand and acted the fool. The judge asked him who pays the rent on his Texas home (he moved there after the scandal) and he said he didn’t know. He said maybe his wife pays it, but he’s never really asked her and he also doesn’t know if his wife has a job or not. Yeah. Just read this. smh
~Detroit Free Press~

Would you ever ask your man to go half on your birth control pills? A blogger recently posed this question to her readers. What say you, LID readers?
~A Belle In Brooklyn~

Are you coordinating costumes with your honey bunny this Halloween? What are you gonna be?
~Get ‘Em Girls~

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