Clean Slate

01 Nov

I think this calendar is adorable. Check out the website.

I don’t know what it is about a new month that makes me feel a little better. Sure, it’s another round of bills, but it’s also like a clean slate in a way. Sometimes, I like to set little 30/31-day goals for myself.  I’ve found that big goals are oh so much more manageable if I break them down into actions/tasks that I can check off and see that I’m making progress.

But right now, I have a HUGE end of year goal of having the first draft of my novel completed. I know what I need to do to make that happen (ummm, write) and I’ve been focusing a lot of energy on that lately. Sometimes I enjoy writing it and sometimes I don’t, but I make time for it every single day.

I have a general rule of thumb that I stick to, which is to go to at least two networking events every month. This month though, I am setting a goal of going to some kind of networking event at least once a week. I think it’ll be good to get out there more often and talk to people outside of my usual circles. So, that’s my November goal.

Do you have any particular goals for this month or am I the only kooky lady who does such things?


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