Why I’ll Wait for iPad (ugh) 2.0*

29 Jan

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Apple finally unveiled what everyone knew they would unveil, a tablet computer called the iPad (ugh). At first glance it has the things we’ve come to expect of Apple products–cute, sleek and capable of doing impossibly cool things.  It also has the very surprising added bonus of costing alot less than people thought it would. The starting price is just $499! There’s a digital keyboard, you can play games, do office stuff, email, surf the web, etc.

The thing that I love, no ADORE, about the iPad (ugh) is that it’s an e-book reader! Text books and regular books will be available through the iBook store. Isn’t that just wonderful? Your books are displayed in a bookshelf on the screen. Very nice. (Oh and I l0ooooove the note-taking app that looks like a notepad. Cute.) I’ve posted before about my yearning for Apple to get into the e-reader market and they have finally heeded my advice. Unfortunately, I won’t be getting this version of the iPad (ugh) for the following reasons**:

No Printing
From what I’ve read
, I don’t think you can connect the iPad (ugh) directly to a printer. What the heck? After spending all that time writing my novel while I’m laying in the park, I have to email it to myself and print it from my laptop? My meticulous notes from that 3-hour city council session have to be emailed too? There are no USB ports on this device, but Apple does provide a dongle to connect to a camera to download pics. Can’t they do something for a printer? The printing thisng is not a huge deal right now, but if the tablet is going to be something that could possibly replace laptops and desktops, it needs more connectivity. Perhaps there’s an app to print wirelessly?

Can’t Use My Handy Dandy Memory Stick
Because of the aforementioned lack of a USB port, that means no Memory Stick. Memory sticks are such a great way to move large amounts of data from one device to another. I’d hate to lose that.

No Flash
There’s lots of Flash out there, so going to certain websites and playing certain games (Any Farmville players out there?) would be out of the question on the iPad (ugh). This is something that could possibly be addressed with an app though.

Even with those things though, if the iPad (ugh) was a little cheaper, I would buy it just for the e-reader aspect. Since that’s not the case, I’ll wait until Apple polishes this thing up and hopefully changes the name too.

*The name iPad (ugh) is the biggest marketing flub I have ever seen by Apple in recent years. Are there no women on the branding team? Not a soul at Apple had seen this MadTV skit? Until there is a name change, I will refer to this device as the iPad (ugh).

**I am not a techie, I just like Apple stuff and other cool things. I could be wrong about some of the specs. Feel free to correct me. 🙂


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3 responses to “Why I’ll Wait for iPad (ugh) 2.0*

  1. TheDLife

    January 29, 2010 at 8:41 pm

    Great minds think alike! When I first saw it I was in awe…then I dove deeper and was oh so disappointed! No camera, no multitasking, no phone, no USB AND no printing??? Boo Apple, just BOO!! I’ll be doing what I did with the iPhone and that’s waiting until next year the new and improved version….this is gonna be a LONG 12 months 😦

  2. loveisdope

    January 30, 2010 at 3:37 pm

    Yeah, there are a few things it doesn’t have that I don’t really care about it not having (right now), but I do need Apple to come a little harder for round two. Come on Jobs!! lol I’m sure they’ll have another version out in less than a year.

  3. randwest

    February 24, 2010 at 10:39 am

    Don’t worry. The docking station (connected by the fat 30-pin connector that we know and love from the iPod) will let you do what you want. And if Apple is slow with the USB connector from the dock, Belkin will make it.


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