A Gift for You!

12 Feb

Remember when I did that awesome giveaway at the end of 2009 and four lucky readers won prizes? Well, the folks at K-Y apparently just like to do cool things because they are back to give you more free stuff! K-Y has partnered with Dr. Ian Kerner to offer a free “e-book” (it’s not really a book though, it’s more like a lengthy pamphlet) called “Nighttime Us 101.” There’s some good stuff in there about how to make your nighttime activities with your partner less boring and predictable.  For example, here are tips about how to not become overwhelmed with chores and Facebook before bed and lose all desire for intimacy. Very contemporary advice there. Click here to read or download the free “e-book.”

Dr. Kerner has degrees from NYU and Brandeis, but I was actually most impressed with his degree from the American Academy of Clinical Sexologists! It sounds so made up. It sounds like something some lame guy in the 70s would have told you. “Hey baby, I got a degree in sexology, ya dig?”  Anywho, enjoy the free reading and have an awesome Valentine’s Day!

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One response to “A Gift for You!

  1. The Jaded NYer

    February 16, 2010 at 4:14 am

    I feel like K-Y is involved in a government conspiracy to get everybody pregnant or something LOL


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