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12 Mar

Are you a Lil Wayne fan? Yes, no, maybe so? Well, if you have any interest in Weezy F. Baby’s music, take a gander at “The Triumph of the Id,” an article by music critic Robert Christgau. He talks about the quality of Lil Wayne’s work and common themes in his lyrics. Interesting stuff.


Rev Run’s son Diggy has a mini-video out for a “freestyle” called “Flow Stoooopid.” He uses the beat from Nas’ “Made You Look.” I must say, I’m diggin’ Diggy’s flow. Nice! Looking forward to seeing more from him.


A woman in NYC was crushed to death by a subway train after she jumped onto the tracks to retrieve her backpack, which had fallen off of the platform. Inside of the backpack?  ID, deodorant and gym clothes. What is your life worth?


A breakdown from  Salon‘s Mary Elizabeth Williams of all the product placement in Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” video with Beyonce.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen such blatant product placement. But hey, they got a pretty cool video out of it.

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