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16 Apr

I know my fellow Detroiters are loving this pic.

I LOVE this article! I really do. It talks about all the good things Detroit has going for it and it puts out statistics in context! Most of the horrible stories you hear about Detroit are (unfortunately) true, but in addition to all that mayhem and muck, there are lots of wonderful things about my hometown.
The Urbanophile


Speaking of great things about Detroit, Campus Martius was just given the Amanda Burden Urban Open Space Award from the Urban Land Institute. Detroit, stand up! Campus Martius is a dynamic public space in downtown Detroit with lots of stuff to do.
Detroit Free Press


Recently, I interviewed four bloggers who have managed to turn their blogs into springboards for career opportunities.  Reading their stories will make you want to start a blog. Yop.
The Atlanta Post


I consider myself to be a good writer, but at the same time, I know that not everything I write is good. It’s a little reassuring to read an article like this about great writers/intellectuals who wrote down right awful film treatments, screenplays and the like. Jean-Paul Satre wrote a screenplay about Sigmund Freud’s life that if produced would have been about eight hours long.

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