Good Reads Around the Web

14 May

That’s me folks! Brown skin lady! (Shout out to Black Star)

I made Afrobella my homepage a long time ago. I love that site to fabulous, itty bitty, well-moisturized pieces.  Well, this week, the site offered up a real treat with a post about the history of natural hair for African American women. The post includes amazing pictures of beautiful 19th century women who fashioned their hair in all types of interesting ways. All the women seemed to be so fashion forward as well. Could you imagine the weight of just being a black woman in America in those days and then add to that the desire to be fierce? Woah. Like any woman, I had (and have) my issues with body image (My chicken legs!), but one thing I love about me is that I LOVE the physical traits that mark me as being of African descent. The full lips, the hair, the wide nose…I’ve always appreciated those things about myself. For those who share those same traits, I hope you love them too! For those with different features, love that ish!


Salon wants to know if there is a use for the abundance of bad writing.  The American Book Review compiled a list of “bad” books that included titles you know and love such as The Great Gatsby. (Personally, I find Fitzgerald’s imagery to be scrumptious.) I’m pretty good at picking up books that contain at least decent writing. I can count on one hand how many books I have bought and left unfinished. That said, I don’t think I would read something that I KNOW is full of horrible writing just for the sake of reading it. I’ll stick to fawning over Toni Morrison’s every genius-laden word.


This is a gripping New York Times piece about a small city an hour north of Manhattan called Newburgh. It’s plagued with gangs and violence. Make sure you take a gander at the slideshow pictures. Some of those pictures look like some sleepy, dilapidated town in rural Mississippi. If there’s a kid in your life who needs help (any kind of help) and you can assist, please do so.



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