Stuff I Love This Week

12 Aug

Remember like 10-15 years ago when Oprah popularized the idea of keeping a gratitude journal? Basically, a gratitude journal is a notebook where you write down all the things you are grateful for.  Some people do it daily. Some folks limit their lists to five things. Whatever the details, the point is to have the good things about life at the forefront of your mind.

Since I try to keep my blog all lovey dovey-like, I thought perhaps I’d start doing something of a gratitude journal on here, but nothing too personal or boring. Just stuff I loved this week.  I’m gonna do it on Thursdays instead of Fridays so that I can look forward to a whole ‘nother day of goodness.  I won’t stick to a number either, it’ll just be however many things I feel like sharing.

Here goes…

1. Anything on D-Listed
Michael K is the funniest celeb blogger. EVER! EVAH! Great combo of snark, wit and engaging humor writing.

2. Unintentionally Funny People
At a family function, I was talking to an older relative I hadn’t seen in ages. She asked if I had kids. I said no. She said “Oh, you don’t like kids.” It was a statement not a question. I told her that I do like kids, but I just don’t feel like I have to have them and she said “Oh, you must be a professional woman. What do you do?” I felt like I was trapped in a Jennifer Aniston movie. It was pretty funny! Interesting how people still can’t wrap their brains around a woman who doesn’t have the baby bug.

3. Detroit Natives
I know I’ve said it before, but Detroiters are always the coolest mofos in the room. Met some great hometown homies in San Diego.

4. Good Mail
I loooove when I have more than just bills and advertisements in my mailbox. This week I’ve gotten no less than three awesome packages. One box of old family pictures and two books. More books to come too! All you book lovers out there, I strongly encourage you to become a book reviewer somewhere. It’s pretty awesome.  The only thing better than a package is a handwritten note.  A package WITH a handwritten note would just blow my mind.


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2 responses to “Stuff I Love This Week

  1. Miss Sara

    August 13, 2010 at 12:17 am

    A gratitude blog or list is a great idea for anyone & everyone. 😉

    It really IS the “little things” that count, isn’t it?

    Glad you were able to find humor in #2…

    One of my favorite ppl is from Detroit… He is the most down to earth man. He is one of my many adopted parents. (I tend to pick them up wherever I go.)

    & for me, there is nothing better than getting a card or a handwritten letter in my mailbox from a relative. Kin folk down south don’t use the ‘puter too much. 😉

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Adrian Prather

    August 16, 2010 at 9:33 pm

    D, you are an awesome young lady.

    The End.



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