Nurturing Creativity (Why I Love the Smith Family)

08 Sep

Willow Smith is the nine-year-old daughter of Hollywood power couple Will and Jada and her new song “Whip My Hair” is going to be a certified club banger. The Smith family is the perfect example of what happens when parents provide appropriate guidance AND let their children creatively express themselves.

The track is hot! It really is and even though the song is age appropriate for Willow (no curse words or sexy talk), the beat is just right for the club and I’m sure the video will introduce a new dance or two.  Willow has acted in a couple movies, but it’s been her style on the red carpet that has garnered the most buzz. People have been making comments about why her parents let her shave the sides of her head (It’s just hair, folks) or why they let her dress  in such a fashion forward way. Well, looks like maybe the Smiths might be on the right track. This kid has some serious potential.

Too often we try to force children (and ourselves) to just conform and do the “safe” thing. We stick to the tried and true instead of going with our instincts and taking calculated risks for a possible bigger reward in the end. I’m not saying wild out for the sake of wildin’ out, but sometimes it’s good to step back and see the larger picture.  A “yes” at the right time can be life-changing.

Will Smith has talked about his incredible work ethic and I imagine that he has passed on that same drive to his children. Hard work and dedication create skill. Talent is something that is cultivated and nurtured. Add to that the resources the Smith children have available to them because of their parents and you have an unstoppable combination. They were born to win and Will and Jada seem to be doing everything to make sure that happens. Bravo, Smith family!

On a side note, it’s great to have a song that parents and kids can sing and dance to together that is actually fun for both sides and not cringe-worthy. I mean, I know there will be some nsfw dance moves to this at the club when it really comes out, but still.

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One response to “Nurturing Creativity (Why I Love the Smith Family)

  1. GG

    September 8, 2010 at 9:52 am

    I so love the Smiths, and I’m excited to see all the amazing things those kids are going to do.


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