Stuff I Love This Week

09 Sep

1. Meditation
Keeps me sane or at least helps me maintain my version of sanity. I always feel better and rejuvenated after a good meditation. A while ago, I wrote about my favorite meditation. It still does the trick.

2. Willow Smith
You already know this.

3. Mark Jacobson
Mark Jacobson is a ridiculously talented writer for New York Magazine. You might know him from his  profile of Harlem drug dealer Frank Lucas (this article was the basis for the “American Gangster” film) or any of the other dozens of articles he has written for New York Magazine. But in this week’s issue, Jacobson details his journey to determine whether or not a lamp salvaged from Hurricane Katrina is made from the skin of Jews as the seller so matter-of-factly stated. For those not in the know, it has long been believed that Nazis made lampshades (and other objects) from the skin of Jews they murdered in the concentration camps. People who were liberated from such camps testified  during the war crimes trial that they saw objects made from the tattooed skin of their fellow prisoners. Jacobson is a great writer and this is a compelling story. Worth the read.  This article is actually an excerpt from a book Jacobson wrote about the experience.

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