True Blood Season Three Finale

13 Sep

The “True Blood” season finale left off with some big cliff hangers. Too big for my liking, really. I mean, we won’t see the “True Blood” gang again until next summer.  Anywho, here’s my take on what happened (it’s not a play by play, I’m assuming you watched it) and a few of my predictions. Oh and I have not read any of the books that this series is based on, but I plan to read them all between now and season four.

Let’s dig in, dear readers!

Sookie is a Mean Fairy
I’m no fairy expert, but when I think of fairies I think of glitter and high-pitched voices and shy giggles. Sookie ain’t the one though! She straight put Talbot in the garbage disposal right in Russell’s (charred) face. Out cold.  Sookie was angry through out the entire episode. Vampires were nothing but trouble for her the whole time. The giant chandelier thing that took Sookie was a little hokey even by campy “True Blood” standards. Fairies live in flying, intricate lighting fixtures, eh?

Alcide *swoon*
Alcide is just all types of gorgeous and Sookie needs to think about switching species. That vamp thing ain’t working out so well these days.

La La, Run Away From Jesus!
So, we find out what we already kind of figured. Jesus is not “just” a nurse. He’s a witch. I wonder if he knows the witch waitress at Merlotte’s. Hmm, is that being insensitive to assume that all witches know eachother? Perhaps. Anyway, Lafayette took the news a lot better than I thought he would have.  If I was having crazy scary visions and my new man bust out with some “Oh that? You’ll get used to it. I’m a witch!,” I don’t think I could roll with that. Jesus is trouble, but I’ll get to that in the predictions.

Tara Transforms Into Frederick Douglass

I’m all for makeovers and goodness knows that of all the people on the show Tara is the one most in need of a life makeover. But that hair? WHY? It’s terrible. Awful. I hope Tara goes to see a professional hair stylist between now and season four. Tara is by far my least favorite character on the show. I love that Rutina Wesley has been getting steady work out of this show, but I wouldn’t care if Tara left “True Blood.” Would you?

Jason is Stuck in Snoozeville
I like Jason’s character alot, but this whole Crystal storyline is booooooring. I just don’t care about it, her or those toothless dirty people that Jason is now watching over.

Sam is a Gangsta
Sam might’ve apologized to Terry and all that, but he’s still a G. Looks like he shot his illiterate, thieving little brother in the back! I kinda like the more assertive Sam. He should incorporate a little of that with “nice” Sam more often.

Bill Ain’t Sh*t
Eric put Bill all the way on blast with Sookie. Remember when Sookie first met Bill at Merlotte’s? She got her a$$ kicked by two dudes behind the bar and Bill “saved” her with his blood and he also got to taste her fairy blood. Mmmhhmm. Well, Bill set that whole thing up and in fact he was sent by the Queen to go get Sookie because she knew Sookie was a fairy. All this lovey dovey stuff for three seasons and he was plottin’ from jump. Is it possible that he actually fell in love with her? Sure, but if I was Sookie I wouldn’t be bothered with that dead sap-sucker (one of my grandma’s favorite words).


1. Sookie will become a fighting fairy. She will learn how to use her powers and she’ll come back all ninja-like, kicking a$$ and taking names.

2. Alcide and Sookie will get together. They HAVE to!

3. Jesus is going to slowly, but surely start using Lafayette. I’m not sure for what exactly yet, but I think Jesus kinda chose Lafayette from the beginning. There’s something special about him that Jesus needs to complete some kind of nefarious goal.

4. Arlene is going to have Rene’s baby (which I suspect is what the witch waitress wanted anyway) and the baby will do funny gross things and try to kill people as soon as it gets out of the womb.

5. Sookie will kill Bill in the epic battle between species that will take place next season. She will also  have a fling with Eric.

6. Tara is going to move away from Bon Temps.

7. Gran’s house will burn to the ground.

8. The Queen will meet the true death.

9. Russell will come back.

10.  Layette will figure out what he is.
What did you think of the finale? What are your predictions?


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8 responses to “True Blood Season Three Finale

  1. embrownny

    September 13, 2010 at 11:57 pm

    Great review! I wasn’t all that thrilled about this season. I actually almost stopped watching. The season finale definitely was not among the best I’ve seen–as you mentioned, it left the too many questions.

    I don’t trust Lafayette’s boyfriend either. At first, he didn’t want anything to do with Lafayette when he found out he sold V. Then, all of a sudden, he can’t get enough… something suspicious about him.

    I can live without Tara too… that Frederick Douglas comparison is hilarious! Maybe the change of scenery will be good for her. She has had a rough couple of seasons.

    I think when Sookie learns to use her powers she will be real bad ass… which will be a good for her.

  2. KayC

    September 14, 2010 at 8:21 am

    Was not thrilled with the season ending but have not been thrilled with season 3 or season 2. A fairy? I admit to not having read the books but a fairy? OK…

    I know they have not stayed true to the books so they can chart their own course, but some things (i.e. were-panther) are a little above and beyond.

    The Tara character is pathetic with the drama and that was a horrible wig sitting on top of her head. When she broke down by cutting the braids my response was “It’s about time they got rid of them” only to have her sport that horrible wig!

    But the werewolf is quite nice on the eyes! Love the addition of his character. Yep, Sookie will get together with Alcide. Layfayette is a witch doctor and yes, the witch waitress is some kin to Rene.

  3. MsKiA

    September 14, 2010 at 2:17 pm

    I just knew that Tara was going to have a caesar cut but she definitely looked like Frederick Douglasss. Hilarious!
    I love True Blood even in all of its vagueness. The weres, the panthers, the vamps and now the fairies. I just can’t wait to see how they are going to hone Sookie’s skills.
    I love to love Alcide. He’s all kinds of sexy.
    Thanks KayC… did you read the series? I had no idea the waitress is kin to Rene. Aaaah til next summer and I’ll probably read the books ‘tween then.

  4. glittermixedwithrockandroll

    September 15, 2010 at 12:14 am

    But what about Hoyt and Jessica? Thoughts? And I don’t mind Tara, they better not get rid of all the black people on the show. Having black people in their cast is one more thing that sets them apart from all the other vampire TV shows.

  5. loveisdope

    September 15, 2010 at 9:13 am

    I totally forgot about Hoyt and Jessica! They really do seem to love eachother and I like Hoyt. Jim Parrack does a great job on the show. They are clearly headed for drama. Between Hoyt’s shotgun toting mama and that ominous doll laying on the floor in their new home, they will hopefully get more face time in season four. Somebody’s gonna have to die and I think it’s gonna be Hoyt’s mama. Can their love withstand Hoyt seeing Jessica suck the life out of his mom?

    Is it illegal for humans and vampires to marry? I noticed Hoyt said something about getting ordained online so he could do their ceremony.

  6. Brian

    September 15, 2010 at 9:24 am

    I’m going way out on a limb and predicting that Hoyt will become a vamp, and maybe even a not so nice one. All the other current vamp / human relationships are all about not being tempted to go to the vamp side. The show could definitely use some shaking up and that would be a good storyline.

  7. loveisdope

    September 15, 2010 at 10:03 am

    That’s an interesting theory, Brian. Good call. Someone does need to be “turned” and Hoyt is ripe for it.

  8. nana

    October 11, 2010 at 8:01 am

    great review! i love true blood~


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