Stuff I Love This Week

16 Sep

1. Enthusiastic Volunteers
I voted in the NYC primaries on Tuesday. This was the first election that NYC did not use their decades old lever machines. They were about 50 years old. Anywho, we have fancy schmancy scanner things now. They aren’t actually fancy. Most other municipalities have had them for about 10-15 years. But anyway, I put my ballot in the scanner and the 70-something-year-old volunteer at the polling place clapped and said “Very good!” She was adorable. They didn’t have “I Voted” stickers, but that kind of made up for it.

2. White Wine
I’m a red wine kind of lady. Merlot, pinot noir and malbec are all right up my alley. While in Portugal, I got hipped to green wine, which is basically white wine that comes from a particular region of Portugal. It’s cold, fruity, slightly effervescent and awesome. When I got back home, I decided to give white wine a real shot. And you know what, I like it!

3. Harlem
I’ve been living in Harlem for a few years now and I still discover new things all the time on my little walking expeditions. I love that it really does have a village type feel. Strangers speak to you on the street all the time. Sometimes they’re selling something, sometimes they’re trying to get a number and sometimes they just want to engage you. I love Harlem. Sure, the ummm romantic overtures are occasionally more harassment than civil interaction, but those that tends to be few and far between, for me anyway.

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