11 Oct

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So, over on Madame Noire last week, I posted a piece about marriage and the idea of submission. I purposely did not include a definition of submission because it doesn’t matter what Webster’s or even the Bible says exactly, it’s more so about how people typically use or interpret the word. I did mention the Bible, but I did not quote chapter and verse.

Anywho, my basic point was that I don’t believe submission, in the sense that most folks think of it, is necessary or even desirable in a successful marriage. I’m more of a partnership kind of gal.

So, the comments blew up with Bible thumpers who didn’t appreciate my alleged characterization of what the Bible says about submission.  A handful of anti-Bible thumpers commented and then there were two or three more balanced comments.

I did anticipate some Bible talk in the comments, since I did mention it in the piece, but I did not think it would be the main focus of the comments. It turned into what people think other people “don’t understand” about the Bible instead of the basic idea of submission and marriage. Whack. At the same time though, I love that anyone at anytime is inspired by anything I write.

For pieces like that, I never add my voice to the comments section (I only chime in on entertainment stuff), but there were a couple times when I really really wanted to say a word or two. One commenter said that based on what I wrote, my husband is actually following Christ’s lead or something like that. Here’s a little tidbit for ya: Hubby is a Jew. Fun times. Fun times.  Jesus was a radical Jew, so maybe that makes sense. Another commenter implied that I’m not a real woman and/or hubby is not a real man because we don’t do the submission thing. Gotta love deep intellectual discourse.

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One response to “Thump

  1. Miz

    October 15, 2010 at 6:29 pm

    I may believe like you. I believe marriage is a partnership and my own ideas of submission doesn’t go along with everyone elses. Good post.


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