Late Night Thoughts: The Legendary Toni Morrison

19 Feb

On February 18, 2011, my beloved Toni Morrison turned 80 years old. I’ve loved Ms. Morrison for almost my whole life. I read “The Bluest Eye” when I was about nine years old. An avid reader even back then, I already had several books in my growing library, but “The Bluest Eye” was the first non-kid book I’d read.

I devoured it in a day.

There are some pretty adult topics in “The Bluest Eye,” but a lot of the story centers on the lives of little girls and I certainly knew that world/mindset. I was captivated by Ms. Morrison’s pen before I even knew why I was so in awe.  She set the bar very high for me in terms of what I considered to be good writing.

I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Morrison at a book signing for “A Mercy” back in 2008 and I told her how much I loved her writing and how much her work had impacted me.  It’s good to pay homage when folks are around to hear it, right?

All of that is just to say, happy (belated) birthday Ms. Morrison. I sit at your feet, pen in hand.


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