The In the Zone Season

29 Sep

Funny how things happen sometimes. Right now at this particular moment in time, so many people I know (including myself) are going through some sort of major life change. People are quitting jobs, making movies, writing books, switching careers, becoming entrepreneurs, etc. And with all of us, it’s a somewhat uncertain, but extraordinarily exciting time.

The greatness that comes from all the hard work and dedication we’ve been putting in, is starting to pay off and it’s a joy to watch and experience.

So as I sit here and continue to work hard and stay in my zone, I’m also keeping my eyes wide open and documenting as much as I can. This feels like a special time that I’ll want to reflect on later. So that means more pictures, more tweets, more meet-ups, more FB status banter and most of all, more conscious appreciation for how amazing my friends are. It’s important to surround yourself with greatness.

Are you part of this In the Zone Season?

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One response to “The In the Zone Season

  1. auntiekittyAuntie Kitty

    September 30, 2011 at 8:16 am

    Now that you mention it…I think I am. I am cruising with this “older woman” thing. I was resistant for a while but that all seems to have dissipated with the arrival of my first Social Security check. I am now officially 1/2 of the couple who arrives on time, and first, at events, and leaves somewhat ahead of the party getting started. I have a future of lounging on beaches in my swimsuit because it feels good, and have no worries about my sagging skin, my dimpled thighs or my cushy mid section, simply because it’s the way I roll now. I’m old. I’m in the zone, yo.


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