Salute: Steve Jobs

05 Oct

Today, Steve Jobs passed away at the very young age of 56. The billionaire co-founder and CEO of Apple was not just some suit pulling the strings (he preferred turtlenecks and jeans anyway), he was a true innovator.  Beyond putting out shiny new toys for consumers to ooh and aah about, Jobs and his team changed the way we communicate.

I am typing this blog post on a MacBook Air (adorable), my iPod is a must for my daily train travel and my Samsung Galaxy phone seems to be ummm “inspired” by the iPhone. Jobs’ contributions to technology are major parts of my everyday life and beyond that, his vision and creativity are an inspiration. Worthy of awe. He turned ideas/thoughts into amazing realities that we can touch. It takes courage (and talent) to take something in your head, share it with others and then turn it into something great and tangible.

As I embark on a new phase of my career, I look to Steve Jobs’ life and career as examples of where true passion can take you. In honor of him and my own dreams, iCreate.




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Posted by on October 5, 2011 in Creativity


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One response to “Salute: Steve Jobs

  1. auntiekittyAuntie Kitty

    October 11, 2011 at 8:16 am

    Truly beautiful tribute/post. You inspire me to avail myself of all my tech toys.


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