What’s in a Name?

05 Dec

I work in media. My name is everything. My reputation is everything. When people see my byline, I want them to know they are about to read something high-quality, engaging and well-written. When people hear that I’m working on a project, I want them to expect something great. Your name/reputation is important in any field, but especially so in media.

It bothers me so when I first meet someone and the person immediately wants to call me “D” or some other nickname that is wholly unapproved for use by a complete stranger.  Call my name. * Prince Voice*

I love my name. I do. But let’s delve a bit into who/what exactly is a Demetria.

Demetria, according to…

The meaning of the name Demetria is Devotee Of Demeter*

The origin of the name Demetria is Greek

Alternate spellings: Demitria

*On a side note, Demeter is the Greek goddess of the fertility of the earth and the reason for the four seasons.

You wish you were me. I’m epic…time stops when I walk in the room.

Though the description is hilarious, it’s not the only thing that defines my name for me. More important that all of those definitions and descriptions is the fact that I was named after a cousin on my mom’s side. At the the young age of 51, Demetria died on November 27, 2011 after a valiant battle with breast cancer. She was a fighter to the end. It’s a common trait of the women in my family. There are so many women warriors with various badges of honor, shields and secret weapons.

Demetria’s children and grandchildren are more than capable of carrying on her spirit. She will never leave any of us. I feel very fortunate to be able to literally carry on her name.

So, it’s more than just my professional reputation I protect and extend with each byline. It’s an addition to a carefully curated menagerie of family accomplishments.  As I comb through, amazed at each bit of information I come across about my ancestors on decades old census records and draft cards, I think about what future generations will find about me. I want them to feel like they come from super achievers. The bar is high. The world awaits.

I am a Demetria. I am a Collins. I am a Taylor. I can do anything.

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One response to “What’s in a Name?

  1. ways to say i love you

    December 12, 2011 at 4:47 am

    demetria seems to be a nice name, i love the blog btw.


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