An Awesome Thing: The Siwe Project

02 Jul


The Siwe Project is a beautiful thing with a sobering story of how it was founded. (Seriously, get your tissues ready before you read that.) Today is #NoShame Day and the Siwe Project seeks to make sure that everyone in the African diaspora feels comfortable and supported sharing their stories of struggling/living with/treating mental illness.

Of course mental illness is an issue in all races, ethnicities and nationalities, but for the black community, getting professional mental help seems to be particularly stigmatized. Let’s get off of that. You get licensed professionals to do your hair, clean your teeth and even do your nails, so it makes sense that something as precious as mental health should have no less than a pro. Right?

Check out the Siwe Project and check them out on Twitter!



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One response to “An Awesome Thing: The Siwe Project

  1. The Siwe Project (@TheSiweProject)

    July 11, 2012 at 5:41 pm

    This was so cool. Thank you for doing this.


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