Review: Eddie Murphy’s Spike TV Tribute

27 Nov
Review: Eddie Murphy’s Spike TV Tribute

Yep, I’m late. I don’t have a television, so I watch stuff online, ok? Eddie Murphy’s tribute on Spike TV was awesome in many ways. Keenan Ivory Wayans, Adam Sandler, Martin Lawrence, et al, gave great tributes to the man who truly was/is a ground breaker. Eddie Murphy was way way WAY ahead of the curve in terms of non-blaxploitation action movies starring a black man. He did a lot to establish “black cool” in a national setting. He made it cool to be funny AND sexy AND black. Get the f*ck outta here!! Raw and Delirious were ground-breaking, as well as 48 Hours, Beverly Hills Cop, Trading Places and the 10 zillion movies after that.

What I didn’t rock with the Spike TV special was the fact that one, Chris Rock’s two appearances were (weirdly) based on the conquering/attainment of white women. And I am so SO not for interracial relationship bashing (sh*t, I married a white/Jewish dude), but Rock’s comments just didn’t sit well with me. And plus, are there not other funny things to talk about?

Two, Dave Chappelle wasn’t there. What the hell?? Maybe he is still on his hermit steez or whatever, but that is one dude that I feel like should def be sending his grateful thoughts to Eddie.

Three, there were NO female comedians at the tribute. None. Not one female comedian took to the stage (not on the edited version that was broadcast anyway) and I didn’t see one in the audience either. Aisha Tylyer is funny as f*ck!! Was she not available? I’m sure she could have said a few words about how Eddie influenced her. Wanda Sykes couldn’t be compelled to come? What about S’More? None of them answered the phone? Come on now. I know Spike TV is all about dudes, but surely they could have found one woman to speak on Eddie’s comedic genius.

Not having Lisa Lampanelli is cool though. She is a staple at Comedy Central roasts. I don’t find her the least bit funny. There is something underlying her “humor” that strikes me as not funny at all. But for everyone else?? Let’s get it together, Spike.

Now, the funniest part of the whole tribute was…

The funniest part of the tribute was when Stevie Wonder had Eddie Murphy come up and sing “Higher Ground” with him on stage. Mid-song, Eddie says to Stevie “You taking up the whole stool n*gga.” LOL WORD!!?? Pure  comedy right there. Just unscripted foolishness. I love it.

So, all in all, the Eddie Murphy tribute was great, BUT terribly missing a feminine voice. Terribly. Do better next time.

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