UPDATE! Dear Killer Mike, Can I Get a Late Pass? (aka I Friggin’ LOVE R.A.P. Music)

18 Mar
UPDATE! Dear Killer Mike, Can I Get a Late Pass? (aka I Friggin’ LOVE R.A.P. Music)


Dear Killer Mike,

Can you write me a late pass? You see, I have been aware of your existence via Dungeon Family tracks for quite some time now, but it wasn’t until my neighbor specifically suggested that I listen to R.A.P. Music a few weeks ago, that I became a hardcore fan. Like, seriously. In these past few weeks, I’ve become a stan.

So much of a stan, that I want you to make a video for “Southern Fried” just so I can say the line “So mothafucka, he still fly.” I need to say that line on camera in a video. I friggin’ love that track and that line.

What I really adore about you and that album though is that you are country as fuck in an unapologetic way and smart and fly and fun. I love the way you talk about your wife in “Southern Fried” and I give so many salutes for you quoting JJ Fad AND being on some grammar shit in the same verse on “Go.”

And the title track??? Maaaaaan, listen. That’s on a few of my iPod playlists. My favorite track changes from day to day, but “Reagan” is always in first or second. Gotta love the smart shit.

In your Pitchfork interview last year, you brought up one of my favorite Nikki Giovanni poems, “Seduction.” I swear if I were a male rapper from the South, I’d be you. Intellectually, we are kindred spirits.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I dig your stuff and I’ll be wading through all your other albums to get a nice bird’s eye view of your maturation as an artist and as a person. For now, I need a late pass for R.A.P. Music. Is that possible?



Demetria Irwin

P.S.- I’m @Love_Is_Dope on Twitter and Instagram. 😉

UPDATE: I tweeted Killer Mike the link to this blog post and here is his awesome response:


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