Artist’s Way2: Week 2

15 Apr
Artist’s Way2: Week 2


I did the Artist’s Way process all the way through a few years ago and the beauty of that is I don’t really remember what I read. I recall the overall ideas, but not each little nugget of wisdom, so redoing the process now is pretty awesome. The first go-round I remember feeling like Julia Cameron was so on the money with the weekly topics and her predictions about where I was as a reader. This time is no different.

Week 2 is about recovering a sense of identity and I was completely enthralled with Cameron’s words. On the first page of the second chapter, she said “It is important to remember that at first flush, going sane feels just like going crazy.” Say that again, lady! That’s so real. As I re-align my boundaries and re-prioritize things in my life, it feels weird.

And Cameron went all the way in on people she calls Crazymakers. I don’t have a Crazymaker in my life right now, but I sure did in the not so distant past and Cameron’s description is spot on. This person always has an “emergency” of some sort that requires your full attention right when you need to be focused on something important. The Crazymaker is often a blocked creative him or herself and will be none too pleased as you become unblocked. You might find that the Crazymaker calls you selfish or says that you’ve changed. My Crazymaker did ALL of that. That person recently tried to wiggle back into my life too, so reading this now is right on time as a reminder to keep that door closed. No Crazymakers allowed.

My Artist Date this week was to a dollar store! I gave myself a $10 budget to get supplies for a practical and cute project I’m working on for my place. I was way under budget and got the two main components for my project. I’m a happy camper.


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