The High Line Upside Down: Parks Under Overpasses

03 May
The High Line Upside Down: Parks Under Overpasses

The folks behind the ever-popular High Line are now interested in creating park space underneath elevated structures such as expressways and above-ground train tracks. The project’s very practical title is “Under the Elevated. ” Thanks to a $50,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts–the Design Trust for  Public Space and the Department of Transportation will explore ways to turn the 100 million square feet of grim, shadowy, hella scary space underneath NYC’s elevated structures into functional, community-friendly destinations.  The press release name checks the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and the 1 train in Harlem as places that this project would help.  Ultimately the purpose of “Under the Elevated” is to create design and policy guidelines that will help shape future development of the target areas.

If you’re interested (and qualified), there are a few “Under the Elevated” fellowships available. Applications are due May 23, 2013. Check out the deets from the official announcement.

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