Artist’s Way2: Week 6

13 May
Artist’s Way2: Week 6


Week 6 reading was largely about finding that sweet, beautiful intersection of doing what you love and making money.  Interestingly enough,  my manicure for that week (which I did for myself before I did that week’s reading) was money-green and I called it “Guap.”

Had some FABULOUS morning pages. Like, seriously fabulous. I got out some good ideas and uncovered  really interesting underlying reasons/motivations for things that have been brewing in my head as of late. One practical thing that came from the Week 6 tasks was writing down documenting every single penny I spent during the week. That’s basic budgeting stuff really, but I live in a neighborhood that has a number of cash-only establishments/services and so even though my bank statement will tell me very clearly how much I took out of an ATM, I don’t really know what I spent my money on precisely unless I make a point to keep track of those cash transactions. So, I appreciated that exercise and I’m going to continue that for at least 30 days to see where my money actually goes on a monthly basis.

Another very cool task for the week was sending postcards to five people. I have tons of pretty stationary, so   I opted for handwritten notecards over postcards. I’ll be mailing them out in the morning, so technically I didn’t execute that particular task until the following week, but the intention and spirit were there.

About to dig into Week 7 reading right now. Looking forward to it!



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