The Artist’s Way2: Week 7

20 May
The Artist’s Way2: Week 7
The making of my current vision board.

The making of my current vision board.

Last week was a long, crazy and very busy week for me, so it was fitting that Week 7’s reading focused on regaining a sense of connection. I was being pulled in so many different directions, it’s very easy to lose sight of your personal or creative goals at such times.

My favorite quote for this week was from Martin Ritt. He said “I don’t have a lot of respect for talent. Talent is genetic. It’s what you do with it that counts.” Yes, sir. If you’re the best writer on earth, but you words never leave your personal diary, you’re not doing much to share your gift with the world, right? And even though it can be really scary, sharing my work feels good. Gotta work on pitching more this week, come to think of it.

Some of the tasks and exercises for Week 7 were related to essentially creating a vision board, so I skipped those. I already have a vision board. I think one is enough. It did remind me to get back on my calligraphy grind though.

For my Artist Date, I went to the Bronx Museum of Art. I was actually there for an urban policy event, but the museum made the exhibitions available for guests. It was cool just to be in the Bronx at all. I honestly haven’t  been there much outside of going to the Bronx Zoo, so it’s nice to see a bit more of the city than I normally do.



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