All I Want for My Birthday…

14 Jun
All I Want for My Birthday…


June 14, 2013 marks my 34th birthday and I’d like to “celebrate” with all of my online (and offline) homies.  Here are a few really simple, but awesome ways* that you can help me chug along on this 30-something train. I’d be most grateful if you did any one of them. Heck, I’m just glad you’re reading this right now!

“Like” My New Facebook Page
I finally set up a Facebook page for my writing stuff. It’s brand spanking new. From that page, I’ll be sharing not only my own writing, but also writing from others that has captured my eye. Eventually, I’d like it to be a page full of vibrant, brilliant discussion and that can only happen if vibrant, brilliant people like yourselves “like” it and comment.

Spread the Word about Girls Write Now
I’ve been involved with Girls Write Now for a few years and as the current Mentor Enrollment Committee Chair, I’m very involved with the organization. GWN pairs professional women writers in NYC with teen girls who are aspiring writers. Check out the website for more info and please spread the word that this year’s mentor enrollment application deadline is June 15th. Post about it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or just email the link to people you think might find it interesting.  Every bit helps.

Treat Yourself
Birthdays are usually days where we put in a little more effort to celebrate ourselves. Well, I think we should all honor and care for ourselves every single day. So, for my birthday and just because it’s a day that ends in “y,” I’d like you to take a few moments today to treat yourself. Buy yourself that candy you always gobbled up when you were little, get a fun manicure in that bold color you love, spend some time catching up on your favorite guilty pleasure blog–anything that makes you feel like you love you. When we take care of ourselves, we feel better about ourselves, which makes us treat others better, which makes the world a better place. See, a good manicure could save humanity.



*Editors Note: Of course, if you’d rather go the more traditional route and send me some other fabulous gift for my birthday, that ‘s fine, but only if you do one of the above three things as well. 


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