Artist’s Way2: Week 8

25 Jun
Artist’s Way2: Week 8
The super moon.

The super moon.

Before I dig into Week 8, let me just say how beautiful the super moon was over the weekend. I was walking down the street in Harlem headed east at night and the moon looked like this big, beautiful, radiant, low-hanging fruit begging to be plucked and enjoyed. I love it when Mother Nature reminds us to slow down and take in her gloriousness.

So, back to Week 8….This week had THEE best task to date. The task was to write down a goal and where you envisioned yourself being with that goal in five years and then came the brilliant part. The task was to write down what you could do towards that goal in the next month, week, today and right now. YES! I love it.  This is  the work of turning your dream, your literal dream, into a reality. You have to put in the work. You have to figure out what the work is, how you value it and just do it.

I think we humans are all “creative types” in a sense, but for  those of us who have chosen to make a living off of creative pursuits, there’s a bit more at stake ego-wise and bank account-wise. You want to be that head in the clouds creative person who is only concerned with the integrity of the art, but you also have to pay the bills and that’s real.

I’m not passionate about every subject I write about, but I am passionate about writing. So, if I’m writing about some ho-hom or “low brow” subject, I’m still putting my everything into making it a well-written piece and at the end of the day, that’s what makes me happy as an artist/creative person.

I appreciate each and every single person that bothers to read, much less comment on my work. But when someone I respect/admire “likes” something I posted or when that person tweets me or emails me or sends me a note, that is just beautiful. You never know who is watching and for me, it is the fact that I am watching myself. I am my harshest critic. The possibility that other people read my pieces at all is very humbling and awesome.

Thank you.


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