40 Days of Dating: Homie Lover Friends

01 Aug
40 Days of Dating: Homie Lover Friends



There’s this beautiful and amazing project called 40 Days of Dating. In a nutshell, two single friends decided to date each other for 40 days straight and see what happens. They have rules such as they must meet up every single day of the 40 days, they can’t date/hook-up/have sex with other people and they see a therapist together once a week. They also document each day via a questionnaire type thing that is illustrated by their fellow designer friends. It’s a very aesthetically pleasing project and thought provoking too.

These two friends, who have “opposite” relationship problems (she dives into relationships too quickly and he is committed to not committing) decided to come together and just kind of see where their experiment leads them. What a concept!

The twosome completed the project earlier this year, but they are rolling out each day everyday currently as they have enlisted the help of friends to illustrate their experiment.. It’s a little more than half-way up now. I go to 40 Days of Dating every morning now as part of my rotation of blogs and social media routine.

I won’t spoil anything for you, but I will just say that their project is very enlightening about how men and women relate and how men and women can view the exact same set of events in vastly different ways. Oh and the video the dude makes for the woman on Day 8 is quite possibly the sweetest and most thoughtful thing I’ve ever seen.

They are both designers, which means they are both creative types. I think that factors in as well with their interactions and responses to one another. As a writer and maker of “things” (jewelry, vision boards, shadow boxes, calligraphy, etc) I consider myself to be a creative type and I seem to attract other creative types too. I’ve had painters, DJs, graphic artists, actors, musicians and the like all make attempts at being my suitor or some companion-like person in the past several months. Creative types definitely know how to come up with unique and fun dates. That’s for sure.

But anyway, check out the site.

Have you/would you ever date a someone who has been a friend for years? If you have, how did it work out?

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