Girl, Just Don’t Give Him Your Number! Duh.

09 Oct
Girl, Just Don’t Give Him Your Number! Duh.


This is the story of how sometimes when technology and romantic interest collide, bad things can happen. A model named Piper Kennedy “reluctantly” gave her number to a barista named Brody one day, according to Gawker.  Brody decided to make good use of her digits and he sent her a 15-second video of him touching his face and smiling while Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” played in the background. It is a tad creepy and definitely self-indulgent, but in Brody’s defense, he did get her number and probably felt that she would appreciate a flirty little video.

Piper wasn’t feeling it. I know Piper wasn’t feeling it because somehow this poor schmuck’s video has gone viral and video selfies with the hashtag #StarbucksDrakeHands are now a “thing.” So many thoughts went through my head when I saw this story.

One the one hand, I feel really sorry for Brody. He was just trying to be cute and that did not work out in his favor. But then, he sent this to a virtual stranger and it is the 21st century, so he’s gambling on where something like that will end up once he sends it to a random woman. But then again, Piper did not have to let this get out like that. Did the guy deserve this level of infamy? And finally, what really should have happened is that Piper should not have given him her number. If she wasn’t feeling him and was “reluctant” to give him her number, she just could have politely declined.

PSA ladies, don’t give your number to people who you don’t want to contact you. Duh.

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