Fly Stuff Nice People Sent to Me

15 Dec
Fly Stuff Nice People Sent to Me


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already gotten a peek at the outrageously fabulous box of goodies the folks at People Magazine sent to me. I wanted to take a little time to write more about what was in the box because I really like it. But before I dive in with pics and such, I do want to say that I received all of these lovely things for free via Klout. In a nutshell, Klout partners with various companies and then they give free stuff to select social media users. I’ve gotten a lot of cool things over the past couple years, but this #PeopleVIP box is possibly my favorite so far.  So with that said, heeeeere we go….

1465177_10152477910319097_1170124507_n (1)

Yes, that’s me. Putting that Zora Neale Hurston charm on you.

Roar, Baby!
I’ll start with my favorite thing in the box, which is the animal print scarf. It’s soft, it’s fabulous, it’s fly. I used to own (and love) a very similar leopard-print scarf, but lost it months ago. I was oh so pleased to see this in the box. Mwah!

photo 2

Sealed with a Kiss
I like to make stuff and I love to send handwritten cards/notes/letters, so I was very excited to get the delightful notecards (with matching envelopes) and the Washi tape. For those not in the know, Washi tape is a decorative, removable craft tape that you can use to spice up gift wrapping, notebooks, stationary, etc.  I WILL be putting the cards and the tape to use.


Pop of Color
The color of this bangle is just lovely and it’s sturdy too. It looks super blue here, but in person it’s kind of a purple-ish blue. The bracelet is a good sturdy metal that looks like something you can keep pretty much forever. My issue is that it’s too big for my wrist. Womp. But no worries. I often use accessories as home decor (I have a purse from the 1920s sitting on my mantle just as pretty right now), so I might do that or I might give to someone else to enjoy.

photo 3

Maintain Your Pretty
Gotta keep those pearly whites pearly and those nails fresh to death, so Rembrandt and Jamberry Nails are here to the rescue. The gift box included a case of 56 Rembrandt whitening strips! I appreciate a smile that requires others to wear sunglasses, so yes to that. Some of you might be familiar with my nail art adventures. I give myself a new mani pretty much every week. I’m excited to try out these wraps from Jamberry Nails. I’ve never used them before and I when I went to the website, I saw some cute animal print wraps I might want to check out too. I’ll update my you all on how my Jamberry Nail wraps experience turns out in soon-ish manicures.

This whole post was just to say thank you to all the good folks involved in providing the box of awesomeness and to share a fun update. It’s good to share happy moments, right? Did anything in particular, have you smiling this past week?

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