The Perfect Partner

17 Feb

My Valentine’s Day weekend consisted of binge-watching season two of the Netflix original series “House of Cards.”  Like most other shows we rip from the Brits, HoC is pretty damn good. There’s tons of treachery and down right devilish behavior on the show. Nobody can trust anybody, but there’s one relationship on HoC that is as close to perfect as you can get. Frank and Claire.

Sure they will are not above murder, blackmail and other dastardly deeds, but damn it if they aren’t perfect for each other. Nobody could deal with Frank’s long nights, fiendish plots and occasional “work-related” dalliances like Claire. And who but a morally bereft man like Frank could get over Claire’s extra-marital activities and not flinch at her plans for world domination? On top of that, they always present a united front no matter what issues they might be having.

They are made for each other.

Frank and Claire are a great match not only because they are both ruthless, but because they seem to genuinely  understand each other and nurture each other. When Frank sings to Claire all off-key and she loves it, when Claire gives Frank space precisely when he needs it even though he asks for her presence–those are signs of being a good pairing. They get each other.

I need to see a whole episode devoted to when Frank and Claire met and how their courtship developed. Who showed signs of moral depravity first? How did that person know the other person would take to it? That would be a fascinating episode.

The beginning of the perfect match.

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