Artist’s Way 3: Week 4

11 May
Artist’s Way 3: Week 4


Week 4 is about recovering a sense of integrity. Yes, ma’am. The crux of this chapter is right here:

The snowflake pattern of your soul is emerging. Each of us is a unique, creative individual. But we often blur that uniqueness with sugar, alcohol, drugs, overwork, underplay, bad relations, toxic sex, under-exercise, over-TV, under-sleep–many and varied forms of junk food for the soul. The pages help us see the smears on our consciousness.

Alla da truth is right there. I’m using this space to document and not really go in depth, so I won’t speak on what parts of that paragraph really struck me personally, but it definitely did.

Moving on…My Artist Date was going to a local artist supply store in Harlem. I got a super cute new Moleskine notebook. I also went to Staples and got a new pack of pens. I’m kind of particular about pens. I write hard (I’m intense, son) so I need pens with a nice rubber grip. Anywho, It was nice to me immersed in all that artistic awesomeness and my notebook is super cute.


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