Artist’s Way 3: Week 5

21 May
Artist’s Way 3: Week 5


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“A Subtlety” by Kara Walker

Week 5 is titled “Recovering a  Sense of Possibility.” It’s basically about nurturing yourself as an artist and getting rid of the 8,000 excuses you have for not feeding your creative spirit. A lot of times we feel pressure from other people and ourselves to be “selfless” or to just stay on the 9 to 5 track and nothing else.

Cameron is not suggesting that everyone ditch their day jobs to become underwater basket weavers, but she is suggesting that everyone should pay attention to and cater to their inner artists. You don’t have to quit your job, but you can buy an easel, a canvas and some paint. You can take a salsa class. You can create a bright orange accent wall in your living room. Let your inner artist be fed and be great. Get rid of those excuses! There is no upside to keeping roadblocks.

A quote from Collete in this chapter was my favorite for this week. “You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm.”

For my Artist Date I went to see Kara Walker’s amazing art installation called “A Subtlety.”  It is a sphynx-like figure of a naked black woman made of 80 tons of sugar. This incredible artwork is housed at the historic Domino Sugar Factory in Brooklyn. The original structure was built in the 1850s and the factory was at one point refining more than half of the sugar in the United States. I knew about the factory’s existence (the sign is one of those NYC icons), but I did not know how old it was nor that it was such an integral part of the sugar industry. The curatorial statement was very enlightening.

A construction crew will be demolishing the old factory soon to make way for a new development, so Walker’s work is an elaborate adieu and a not so subtle way to finally acknowledge the labor and lives of the people who worked those sugar cane fields. If you don’t know anything about slavery, sugar cane fields and even post-slavery sugar cane field work, please do Google that.

This was perhaps my favorite Artist Date so far this year. Walker has a brilliant mind and the layers in this art installation are numerous and each worth a thesis. I’ll have to come back and do a seperate post with all of my thoughts on this work. In the meantime, I encourage everyone to go see “A Subtlety.” It’s free and it’s open every weekend until July 6th.



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