Grandma’s Wisdom

07 Sep
Grandma’s Wisdom
A note from Grandma about boys. Smart lady. Funny too.

A note from Grandma about boys. Smart lady. Funny too.


Today is Grandparents Day. Yeah, I know. I didn’t know that was a thing either. I was just put on to this a few days ago when I got an assignment to cover a Grandparents Day concert. (It was an amazing night, by the way, and I’ll post links to the piece once it’s up.)

But, once I became aware of this awesome day to recognize the grand parental units, I got a case of the sads. My beloved grandma passed away this past August. She was a hoot and I really miss her laugh. I now have no living biological grandparents. I do still have a step-grandfather though. Like my blood relatives, he’s also a great storyteller. I’m pretty sure my grandmother just snorted at that last sentence. 

Besides countless memories and fabulous taste, my grandmother also bestowed upon me a ton of handwritten letters and cards over the years. I have a nice little stack here. So, as an exercise in doing something productive and positive with grief and to show you how awesome Ms. Geraldine Gray was and as a bit of encouragement for you to go call/hug/write your grandparents– below I have compiled a few choice quotes from Grandma’s letters to me. Enjoy.


On Boys

Demetria, do not do the “nasty” while you are in Atlanta with that ole boy. Love, Grandma.

I was a student at the University of Michigan at the time and I had a long distance boyfriend at Morehouse. I was headed down to the ATL to spend my spring break with him and that was her advice to me.


On Marching to the Beat of My Own Drum

How does that drum beat sound that you march to? I know it’s not “uh one and uh tow and uh three, etc.” I think yours is “uh five and uh 13 and a 48, etc.” Right? (smile) Seriously though, I’m so in awe of you and very proud of how you live and seem to enjoy your life. Have fun!!

She had just found out that I was going on another international trip. What a way with words, right?


Subtle Shade

Thanks for the sweet Mother’s Day card. I wish you had come over, but I’ll see you soon. Love Ya, Grandma

My grandmother was really, REALLY good at throwing subtle (and not so subtle) shade.


On Postal Safety

I have $20 for you. Your mother advised me not to put it in a card anymore. So I have it whenever you come over. Ok?

Grandma was thee best at sending birthday cards. Unless your birthday fell on a Sunday, you could be assured that a card from her was in your mailbox on your birthday. She did this not just for her kids and grandkids, but other relatives and friends as well. She must have sent out cards just about everyday. Literally. Oh and she totally kept putting cash in cards too. I guess she just listened to my mother that one time.


She Knew She Was Loved

I am truly speechless. I want to be gracious about the wonderful gift you sent me and though I am very appreciative of it, the words on the card were really gifts as well. I was especially happy to learn that you have kept the letters and cards I’ve sent you over the years. Those words made my heart swell.

I had sent her a birthday gift with a card attached. She liked it. 🙂

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  1. tjsthings

    October 17, 2014 at 11:49 am

    I am sorry for your loss. Your grandmother was an awesome lady. I had seen Grandparent’s Day on calendars but never knew it was really celebrated until two of my children made cards for their grandparents. Go figure 🙂


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