Artist’s Way 3: Week 7

22 Sep
Artist’s Way 3: Week 7
From my awesome "new" book about art in the Louvre.

From my awesome “new” book about art in the Louvre.

Week 7 is called “Recovering a  Sense of Connection.” It’s basically about feeling connected  to your creativity. There’s lots of good stuff in there about not falling victim to “perfectionism” (aka surefire ways to never finish a project), turning professional jealousy into productivity and things of that nature.

The interesting thing for me about this week was that before I was even deep into the reading, I had already kind of re-established some things for myself, mostly dealing with my home and making it look more like me and making it more conducive to creative work. They were relatively small things, but things that made a difference for me. I finally framed and put up the pictures I’d been meaning to add to the bathroom walls. I got some new pretty flowers for the front room and I did a deep clean/purge of the whole apartment. Like I said, the little tweeks I made were minor, but they meant a lot in terms of having a cozy, comfortable, clutter-free space. That is the optimal space for me to flex my creative muscles.

I went on at least three Artist Dates this week, but the one I’ll share is about going to one of my favorite haunts, the Housing Works Thrift Shop. When you buy stuff there, the proceeds go towards helping homeless people living with HIV/AIDS. Pretty noble cause, eh? I have a number of home accessories and furniture pieces from them (including my lovely Queen Anne desk). I went there for my Artist Date and picked up a coffee table book from 1951 that is all about art in the Louvre. There’s background on the art and the institution itself as well as fabulous color pictures. Good stuff!


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