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For the Love of Writing

For the Love of Writing
I started coloring this page from "Coloring on the Go: Floral Designs for Fun and Relaxation."

I started coloring this page from “Coloring on the Go: Floral Designs for Fun and Relaxation.”

I’m a writer, but sometimes I find it very hard to get out a single solitary word on a page. It’s frustrating and downright painful, especially when there’s a deadline looming. In those moments when I can’t seem get my brain whirling at a good enough pace to spit out letters at the damn blinking cursor, I know I have to take other measures.

Traditional “brainstorming” doesn’t work for me and meditation doesn’t work for me (not for an immediate-ish cure writer’s block anyway). I need physical action. Something about actually DOING something helps get my brain going again. Here are a few of my tried and true go-to activities for getting my pen moving:

1. Scrubbing Grout
Sexy, right? I think it’s the repetitive motion that makes my mind open up and hum on the right frequency to pick up some good creative energy. If you hit me up and I tell you I have writer’s block, you should invite me to your crib and hand me a grout brush. I’ll have your kitchen and bathroom sparkling. Mmmhmmm. Yup.

2. Walking
This is by far my favorite. Meandering around the neighborhood or a park is the perfect anecdote to a brain that has been too focused on trying to get “it” on paper/screen. The air, the sun, the people-watching, taking in the sights, the act of putting one foot in front of the other. It helps get different parts of my mind going and makes me more likely to have that “aha” moment.

3. Twisting My Hair
I love my hair. I do, I do. It’s big and a labor of love. Twisting it or putting it in bantu knots (which means detangling and moisturizing beforehand) is a nice feeling. Self-care. Creating future cuteness. Like the grout thing, the repetitive motions are soothing.

4. Coloring
This is a new one for me. I bought Coloring on the Go: Floral Designs for Fun and Relaxation and so far, so good. I like making pretty stuff and keeping my hands busy. Usually I listen to some music while I color too.

Those are my current ways to dissolve writer’s block. What do you do to get your creative juices pumping when you’re in a slump?

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