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Good Morning, Sunshine

Something beautiful inside of me

Something wonderful inside of me

~Robin Thicke, Ask Myself~

Oh, you think you wanna rob that house? Word? ~Click on Detroit~

Madlibs turns 50! I used to love Madlibs. ~MSNBC~

Are you poor and black? Great! The federal government would like to dump human and industrial waste on your lawn. Cool? Thanks. ~BET~

Embrace the recession. Know it and love it.  ~Salon~

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“The Wire” Told the Truth

Remember that episode of “The Wire” where Prez was teaching a middle school class and one girl sliced another girl in the face with a razorblade? Well apparently, that wasn’t too far from reality. A 10th grade girl in the Baltimore public school system beat down (down, I say) her female art teacher in class in front of other students while another student captured the whole incident on video via his cellphone. Beyond the fact that the art teacher looks like she ain’t nothing to mess with (that’s one ballsy 10th grader), what astonished me most about this was the stats for the Baltimore public school system. According to the Baltimore Sun, 112 students have been expelled from the Baltimore public school system this year for assualting teachers. One hundred twelve kids so far this year have been expelled for beating down a teacher. That’s insane and the school year is not even over yet. What is really going on? I am so shocked and saddened by this.

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Here’s A School Supply You Didn’t Think Of: Bulletproof Backpack

Some Baltimore parents are purchasing bulletproof backpacks. If you watch “The Wire” (and take it as the gospel truth like I do), then you would not be mad at these parents. It is pretty sad though. What’s even worse is that an expert quoted by a Baltimore reporter said that textbooks are actually about as effective (if not more so) at stopping a high-powered bullet as the bulletproof backpacks. So like, just make sure your kid has his algebra book and it’s all good. Like the man said, just read a book.

I guess next we’ll have bulletproof Elmo snowsuits and little pearl-handled pistols with Dora the Explorer bullets. Maybe there’ll be some field trips to the shooting range for kindergarteners instead of going to the zoo.

Arming your kids for school? Mind-boggling.

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