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Artist’s Way 3: Week 8

Artist’s Way 3: Week 8


The chapter for Week 8 is titled “Recovering a Sense of Strength.”  Julia Cameron stays whispering to my soul. She really has a gift when it comes to breaking down the creative process and talking in practical terms about the barriers that sometimes arise.

Check out this excerpt where Cameron is talking about the important of “filling the form.” She’s talking about the importance of taking those small steps towards the big goal instead of trying to do everything at once.

As a rule of thumb, it is best to just admit that there is always one action you can take for your creativity daily.

Mmmmhmmmm. Yop. Say that! No excuses. I was just talking to a writer friend about finding the time to work on personal writing projects. We all love to put in big talk about screenplays, novels, anthologies and the like, but none of that gets done unless we create a plan and start making those incremental steps towards the larger idea.

What have you done today towards your creative goals?

For the week’s Artist Date, I hit up the Blacknuss sidewalk shop in Harlem that was put on by author Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts. She had vintage, rare and hard-to-find books as well as albums, magazines, bean pies and all types of goodies that celebrate the African diaspora. Eventually, she’ll be taking Blacknuss into a brick and mortar shop and I’m all for it.

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Artist’s Way 3: Week 6

Artist’s Way 3: Week 6
Just me and a trail on Governor's Island for my Artist Date.

Just me and a trail on Governor’s Island for my Artist Date.

Like I neva left…

Week 6 of the Artist’s Way is called “Recovering a Sense of Abundance.” Maaaaaan. Le sigh. So, those of you who really follow my blog like that, know that it’s been mooooonths since I’ve updated my latest Artist’s Way progress. This weekend, I finally decided to really get back in it and get back to posting about it.

This morning, I made my morning meditation about abundance and then I went on Instagram and a friend had posted about abundance. Then when I got back on task with AW, the topic was abundance. Message much? Ha!

Julia Cameron spoke to me in this chapter when she said “Making art begins with making hay while the sun shines. It begins with getting into the now and enjoying your day. It begins with giving yourself some small treats and breaks. ‘This is extravagant but so is God” is a good attitude to take when treating your artist to small bribes and beauties.”

This past weekend, I bought myself a bouquet of flowers for my dining room table (as usual) and I spent Sunday afternoon on my Artist Date at Governor’s Island. They have a whole section full of hammocks for people to use. HAMMOCKS!! So friggin’ awesome. There’s also tons of historical stuff to explore, the beautiful views (Hello, Lower Manhattan) and there happened to be an art fair going on this weekend too. Good stuff!

Abundance indeed.

Good week.




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Artist’s Way 3: Week 3

Artist’s Way 3: Week 3

photo (10)

Week 3 is all about recovering a sense of power.  Good stuff here. Cameron talked quite a bit about anger and how to use anger in a positive way. I got angry a couple times in the past couple weeks and I expressed that anger in such a way that I had to apologize to the folks on the receiving end. So, it happens.

One quote from this weeks’ reading that I really enjoyed was from Goethe. It reads: “Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace and power in it.”  Well said. Or like Nike said, “Just do it.” You’ll never do “it” if you don’t make that first step no matter how tentative it is.

For this week’s Artist Date, I attempted to go and buy a new notebook and some new pens, but my mission ended up a failure because I embarked on said adventure on Easter Sunday and stuff closed early. Womp, womp. So, my Artist Date became the walk there and back. The picture above is from my travels. Reminds me of a song from my adolescence. “The red, the black and the green. With the key…”


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Artist’s Way 3: Week 1

Artist’s Way 3: Week 1




Technically, this will be my fourth time doing the Artist’s Way process, but it’s the third time I’m documenting it on this blog, so we’ll go with three. Follow this (successful) attempt at the Artist’s Way process by searching for the hashtag #AW3. My last attempt was last year and I made it to Week 8 before I quit. I don’t even remember precisely what happened, but I’m sure a bunch of life stuff got in the way and I just ended up tossing the process out of the window. But now I’m back! And I just completed week one! I’ll be here every Monday for the this 12-week process giving a run down of my experience with the process. Heeeeeere we go…

Week 1 is all about recovering a sense of safety as an artist. Sometimes (okay, a lot of times) we do not express creativity because on some level, we are afraid of exposing a vulnerability. Sometimes art is very personal and it stings to have prying eyes and critical thoughts lurking around the most fragile bits of yourself. I’m currently getting back on the book-writing horse, so this is right up my alley.

The  margins of The Artist’s Way are peppered with inspirational quotes and my favorite one from the Week One reading is by Joseph Chilton Pearce.  He said “To live a creative life, we must lose the fear of being wrong.” Just touched my soul. Indeed. It’s scary to not only share your work with others, but to even get to the point of expressing your creativity to yourself. We have so many excuses as to why we “can’t” do creative things that make us happy. No time, no energy, blah, blah, blah.  We do have time. We just have to carve it out. I’ve found that the early morning is the best time for me because it allows me to start my day with purpose and if I left it for the end of the day it would never get done. I would always find something more “important” to do.

For this week’s Artist Date (a weekly solo, creative adventure as described in the book), I went to the kitty cat section of the local pet store and hung out with the felines. Cats are great. I own a 12-year-old cat and cats in those little cages like that have to get creative to keep themselves from utter boredom. It was great to be around all those super duper cutie pies and all of  their stinky awesomeness.

In addition to doing Morning Pages  (three pages of free-write) everyday and an Artist Date every week, I’ll also be doing two to three of the recommended tasks each week. I won’t always go into great detail with those because I want you to pick up the book and do your own stuff and also because some of this process is just for me. I’m sharing the journey because I hope it will inspire others to take the leap and give it shot too, but I don’t feel compelled to share every single part of it. So, suffice to say that I completed three tasks and I’m feeling good about this go-round.

If you are looking to delve a little more deeply into your creative side, I highly recommend that you join me on this journey. Welcome!

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