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They got something right

“The Wire,” aka the best tv show ever, has been nominated for an Emmy in the Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series category. Here’s to hoping they snatch that up. The show totally deserves it. Click here for the full list of Emmy nominations.


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Good Morning, Sunshine

Loving you
Is easy because you’re beautiful

~Minnie Ripperton, Loving You~

Apparently offering a knife-wielding, would-be robber some ice tea, can sometimes actually avoid a robbery. ~CNN~

One of those really neat Murphy beds actually killed someone in Russia. On the “Three Stooges” it always looked so fun to get stuck in there. ~AU News~

Yay for this tenant! A landlord forged an eviction notice, kicked out a single mom with four kids and destroyed all of their belongings. Now, he’s on the hook for $860,000. ~Chattanoogan~

From the creators of “The Wire,” comes a new drama about soldiers in Iraq. ~Salon~

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Little Omar heads to Beverly Hills


I. Love. It. Michael is gonna be straight cappin’ fools in Beverly Hills. Okay maybe not, but Tristan Wilds has been added to the cast of the new “90210.” Readers of my blog know I’m a huge fan of “The Wire,” so I’m super excited to see Wilds make the leap from the little killer with a conscience to something a little more light-hearted.

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“The Wire” Told the Truth

Remember that episode of “The Wire” where Prez was teaching a middle school class and one girl sliced another girl in the face with a razorblade? Well apparently, that wasn’t too far from reality. A 10th grade girl in the Baltimore public school system beat down (down, I say) her female art teacher in class in front of other students while another student captured the whole incident on video via his cellphone. Beyond the fact that the art teacher looks like she ain’t nothing to mess with (that’s one ballsy 10th grader), what astonished me most about this was the stats for the Baltimore public school system. According to the Baltimore Sun, 112 students have been expelled from the Baltimore public school system this year for assualting teachers. One hundred twelve kids so far this year have been expelled for beating down a teacher. That’s insane and the school year is not even over yet. What is really going on? I am so shocked and saddened by this.

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Your Favorite Singer’s Favorite (Related) Singer


MTV has a new reality show premiering tonight called “Rock the Cradle.” It’s basically a talent show for people who have famous parents. Offspring from Bobby Brown, MC Hammer, Al B. Sure! (don’t skip the exclamation point), Olivia Newton John, Dee Snider and others will be showing off their talent or lack there of. Since I pretty much give every reality show at least one chance, I’ll probably be checking this out.

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The Wire Finale

The greatest show on television has taken its final bow and though I will miss it terribly, I think David Simon and crew gave it a pretty good send off. As I anticipated, Simon basically reiterated the notion that the destructive traditions/habits/mindsets of the various institutions on the show (city hall, the precinct, the streets, the schools, etc) will continue on with a new crop of characters in the same, well-worn roles. The montage was fullfilling in a lot of ways, but I thought it was a bit long and a tad too neat. Maybe stretching out a couple of those seconds long wrap ups into actual scenes over the course of a few episodes would have been better. Enjoyable and well done all the same though.

Anywho, my thoughts are after the jump.

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